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Ashley A-Luv Doe was born January 4th, 1985 in Greenville, North Carolina to Apostle Willie Doe and Gloria Doe. Ashley comes from a large family and is the youngest of 10 children.


Ashley's love for music started at the age of 4 when he started playing the drums and his interest quickly switched to the bass guitar. A-Luv is a rare bass guitarist, as he plays with his left hand. He is very passionate about his music, his sound is very distinct and it shows during his performances! 


A-Luv's music career advanced quickly and allowed him the opportunity to branch out and play for different crowds in clubs, cafe`s, lounges and venues with numerous bands all over the world. His smooth performance and sound led him to captivate the eyes of other artist, and he has accompanied music greats such as smooth jazz artist Marcus Johnson, Marcus Anderson, Jeanette Harris, Pastor John P. Kee and a host of other notable artist. His music career is extensive and he was also the music director for the hit stage play " A Good Man is Hard to Find" directed by the late David Payton.


Although A-Luv loves to travel with other groups, he established his own band, "The A-Luv Band" in 2009 and they are currently traveling and accepting engagements.